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Summit Colour Chart

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Using our innovative structural insulated steel panels, Artspan® manufactures a portable, telescopic structure that provides a temporary or permanent building solution. We provide wide pallet of available colours for out structural insulated steel panels. We are providing high quality, innovative products to our customers.

Summit Standard Connection Details

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Summit panels are structural, self-framing panels that can reduce or eliminate the need for additional structural framework in your project. These panels can be used to form the floor, wall and roof systems of your building envelope. Artspan insulated metal panels provide a well-insulated, onepass building envelope solution that will save you time and money.

Summit Structural Insulated Steel Panels

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Artspan®offer structural, self-framing panels, insulated wall panels and standing seam roof panels in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. We are providing economical panels for industrial and commercial walls offering a clean look to the exterior or interior.

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