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Installation Guides

A New Way To Build

Collection of installation guides that are easily accessible for use and contain information in order to meet the consumer needs.

Summit Panel Assembly Guide

File size 3 MB
Number of pages 39


The purpose of this manual is to complement the drawings and to guide the builder in the proper method of assembly in order to erect a high quality, durable building. Where discrepancies may arise between this guide and the drawing package, the drawings shall govern. Please study the drawings and assembly guide thoroughly before beginning the assembly process to avoid costly errors and delays.

Summit Ice Shack Assembly Manual

File size 13 MB
Number of pages 18


Ice-Shack assembly manual. This is a general guide only and does not constitute liability on Artspan’s part regarding assembly safety procedures or assembly workmanship. These guidelines will work in general practice but unique conditions will require the builder to adjust the procedure to fit the individual circumstance

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