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Commonly Asked Installation Questions

Artspan Inc.

Commonly Asked Installation Questions

At Artspan, we get asked a lot of questions about our panels and the installation process so we thought we’d take the time to address some of our most commonly asked questions for you today.

1. Can you attach drywall directly to the interior steel face?

Yes, drywall can be attached directly to the product, however builders will often use strapping to make the electrical installation more efficient.

2. How is the electrical wiring installed with Artspan panels?

Wiring is run down the flutes or chases that are built into our panel profile. Depending on the type of interior finish, shallower electrical boxes are often used to keep the box flush with the interior finish.

3. Does the interior face need to be finished?

No, the pre-painted steel can act as a finished product. If you would prefer a different finish, any standard finishings, such as drywall, paneling or textured paint, can be applied.

4. Can window and door openings be pre-cut?

Yes, however with a few key tools, this process is often simpler to complete on-site during construction.

5. How far can Artspan roof panels span without the need for additional support?

In many areas, Artspan panels can span up to 13ft without any additional roof supports. This will vary by region based on snow loading.

6. Can we utilize ARTSPAN panels for the walls and floor of our project and install ‘traditional’ wood trusses complete with wood sheathing on our roof?

Yes, our Design Team can suggest suitable engineering solutions to incorporate the use of other structural building materials within the system.

7. What type of foundation(s) do ARTSPAN buildings require?

Our buildings work well with a wide variety of foundation options. While we do not provide engineered foundation drawings, we can certainly assist with selecting the most appropriate and economical option for the specific building application. This could be anything from: tightly packed gravel to a concrete slab, grade beam(s), pads, piers, piles, multi point stands and others.

8. Are ARTSPAN panels weathertight when used on a roof?

Yes. When correctly installed according to our assembly guide, your new ARTSPAN panel roof will be weathertight and with proper maintenance practices will remain reliable for many, many years to come.

9. Is it possible for me to assemble my ARTSPAN panel package myself?

Yes. A detailed assembly guide and a set of project specific panel placement drawings are included with your ARTSPAN package. With a few able helpers and the correct tools on hand, your panel package can certainly be a DIY project.

10. What if I want to ‘dress up’ the exterior look of my ARTSPAN building package?

You are only limited by your imagination! While our ARTSPAN panels can provide a finished exterior appearance when left as is, you can add elements like: brick, stone, cement board siding, architectural accents, trim boards, exposed beams, textured panels and virtually any other building material available in order to suit your individual taste.

We are always happy to answer your questions and provide our opinions on what products would be best for your next Artspan build. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your upcoming plans.

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