Dunsheath: Specifications

  • 1,701 sq.ft.
  • 5 bedroom
  • 1 bath
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Pre-finished, steel exterior
  • R28.5 floor, wall, & roof

Basic Panel Kit Price: $97,600 CDN

(Plus applicable tax/freight)

Includes the following panels and hardware needed to assemble your exterior building shell:
  1. Pre-cut floor, exterior wall and roof panels.
  2. Standard colour selection, one colour.
  3. Fascia & ridge trims.
  4. Roof seam caps.
  5. One-piece corners.
  6. Bolt-together steel floor frame.
  7. Stamped structural drawings.
  8. Required sealants, gasteners and connection angles for panel assembly.
Does not include doors and all interior finishes.

(interior walls, flooriong, cabinetery, etc.).

Contact Us for pricing on additional options/upgrades or custom floorplans.