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Artspan - Portable Buildings


We've changed the way you're going to want to do portable.

Take your building with you

Artspan portable buildings provide an on-site versatile building solution for your many needs. Serving a variety of industries, our portable buildings ensure projects run efficiently in both populated and remote areas.

Using our innovative structural insulated steel panels, Artspan manufactures portable buildings that provides a temporary solution. The durability and exceptional thermal properties of our building envelopes are designed with harsh working conditions and climates in mind.

Our portable buildings can be used in such applications as:

Modular Offices
Temporary Classrooms
Storage Buildings
Control Buildings
Modular Workshops

Designed to Move, Designed to Last

No matter how you choose to use your portable building from Artspan, you can rest assured knowing you’ll continue to get a return on your investment, project after project.

Artspan Inc. - DURABILITY


Our portable buildings are manufactured using Artspan self-framing panels, which feature pre-painted inner and outer steel sheets, providing a mold, fire and rodent resistant portable building envelope.
Artspan Inc. - VERSATILITY


Artspan panels form the floor, wall and roof system of our portable buildings. With our outer steel face, Artspan panels on their own provide a finished exterior, eliminating the need for any additional wall or roof cladding.


Protect your equipment and staff in a structurally sound, climate-controlled environment. The exceptional thermal properties of these buildings provide a work or storage space that is warm in winter and cool in the summer.
Artspan Inc. - EFFICIENT


The compact design of our buildings simplifies transport. When on site, limited site preparation is required and the building can be fully functional. The building can be direct line or generator powered.