Challenges of Northern Building

Challenges of Northern Building

February 21, 2019

Building in Northern communities presents challenges not typically thought about. Not only do you have the intense climate to fight with, but also the challenge of getting all of your materials to your location. Depending on location, you may have a small window (on an ice road) to ship them in, or may have to airlift them in, both adding to the scope, timeline and budget of the project.

Artspan’s Insulated Metal Panels are an envelope solution; requiring less materials, less time, and increased ingenuity to meet even the harshest Northern community’s needs.

Save Time and Money and Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

The biggest challenge builders face is the cost of shipping the required materials up to Northern locations. Traditionally, all framing, insulating and finishing materials need to be planned, arranged for freight and shipped.

Insulated metal panels contain all 7 traditional steps in one complete product, saving you time on planning and money in shipping. Choosing to use insulated metal panels reduces building time by eliminating the need for the following steps:

  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Building Wrap
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Sheathing
  • Siding
  • Interior Finish

Reduced materials mean reduced cost. Not only can insulated metal panels save you money in transit, but they can also save you money on labour costs. Considering it would take a team seven passes to complete the exterior in a traditional build, installing insulated metal panels takes only one and could mean a lot of money saved on build time. Quicker installation mean less time in the elements, a smaller installation window and more time to install additional projects.

Stay on schedule

In addition to the costs of sourcing and shipping traditional materials, job site theft is a common occurance.  The cost or replacement materials and the time it takes to ship them back out to the job site can throw a project well outside the original scope of budget and timeframe.  Any materials left on the job site that are require to wait for replacements are also subject to the weather, and often deteriorate or are compromised.

Artspan insulated metal panels are designed and fabricated specifically, which acts as a deterrent for theft.  They are manufactured to, even while sitting in harsh environments be weather resistant and can be stacked and stored outdoors. 

A Better Solution

Artspan’s insulated metal panels provide foam to foam bonds on panel joints and a patented one piece continuous corner, providing exceptional building air tightness. These panels are also fire, smoke, mold and rodent resistant; making them perfect for remote communities. Our energy efficiencies combat extreme climates with an effective R value of 31.3. Additionally, the panels contain a fire rating of our panels is 51 minutes with a flame spread rating of 10, allowing the time needed for fire crews to get to your location.

Our insulated metal panels install easily with materials ideal for the specific needs of Northern  community builds. Each panel contains increased insulation, comes pre-painted on the interior and exterior and eliminates the need for additional interior finishes such as drywall. These panels provide exceptional structural and building solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Working with our insulated metal panel products saves you time and money on shipping, materials and labour making them the ideal choice for Northern builds. We strive to make building projects quicker and easier for all of our customers. We pre-cut our panels in the factory to the required lengths/pitch to ensure an easy installation process.

If you have any additional questions about our insulated metal panels, or are ready to plan out your next project, we would be happy to connect with you at or (204) 331-1800.