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The superior building envelope solution.

Artspan panels profile a better way to build, offering more than just a building envelope solution. They serve as a structural component of the building and are designed to reduce, and possibly eliminate, the structural framework of your project by providing a one-pass, pre-finished building envelope for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Our commercial panel packages are commonly used for the following types of buildings:

Artspan - Commercial - Workshop


Artspan - Commercial - Control Buildings

Control Buildings

Artspan - Commercial - Coolers/Freezers


Artspan - Commercial - Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Artspan - Commercial - Modular Camps/Offices

Modular Camps/Offices

Artspan - Commercial - Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Artspan Inc. - DURABILITY


Artspan Panels are manufactured with a 24G inner and outer steel face, providing a mold, fire and rodent resistant building envelope.
The foam in our panels is flame resistant and has a flame spread classification of 10 (lumber has a flame spread classification of 150).
Our commercial panels systems are designed and engineered to provide structurally sound, long lasting building envelope solutions.
Artspan Inc. - VERSATILITY


Artspan Panels are specifically designed for a multitude of uses, and can be used for floor, wall and roof systems.
Our roof systems allow for vaulted ceilings and are pre painted on the inner and outer steel faces for a finished interior and exterior, eliminating the need for cladding.
The high rib portion of our profile is designed to accommodate plumbing, floor heat and electrical components.


Artspan Panels can be cut in the factory to various lengths and pitches, making installation quick and efficient. They are labelled to correspond with assembly drawings (which are included) and wrapped for shipment. These panel packages can be shipped complete with all sealants, fasteners and angles required to make installation as efficient as possible.
These envelope building solutions can eliminate the need for studs/rafters, additional insulation, vapour barrier, drywall, sheathing, exterior building paper and siding.
Artspan Inc. - EFFICIENCY


Artspan panels are designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our panels have an effective R-value of 31.3 or 7.13 per inch.
Our foam to foam bonds and patented one piece corners provide exceptional air tightness. Structures build entirely using Artspan panel systems achieve and air tightness rating of up to .50 ACH30, compared to the National averages over 3 ACH50.
Artspan Inc. - Patent Protected